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Design at:



Shillington College/ Graphic Design, Sept- Dec 2017

The University of Edinburgh/ – MA Hons in Fine Art with Distinction in Art History MA, 2012- 2017

Oaklands College/ BTEC Foundation Diploma in Art and Design with Distinction, 2011-2012



Connell & Connell Prize/ Connell & Connell, 2018

New Graduate Award/ Society of Scottish Artists, 2017

Edinburgh Award/ University of Edinburgh, 2017

Astaire Art Prize – Shortlisted/ Edinburgh College of Art, 2017

Creative Techniques Award in Life Drawing/ City and Guilds, 2012




Open, Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh


Edinburgh College of Art Degree Show 2017, Edinburgh College of Art

The Astaire Art Prize, Edinburgh College of Art

The Grey People, Exhibition 1, Edinburgh College of Art

Edinburgh Student Art Festival, City Arts Centre, Edinburgh

Ignorance is Bliss, Edinburgh College of Art


Wishes/Fears, ESU Gallery, Edinburgh

Wunderkammer, Edinburgh College of Art

Drawing on Drawing, Edinburgh College of Art

Sorry I Had A Seminar, Edinburgh College of Art


Low Risk Occupiers, St. Margaret’s House, Edinburgh


This is All We’ve Got, Edinburgh College of Art



‘I enjoyed another look at Edinburgh College of Art Graduate Rebecca Heselton’s Floating Villages, an installation of structures inspired by a certain type of Cambodian house, installed here in a simple white cubicle, the DIY assemblages of structures on stilts made of wooden struts and applied cardboard, taped and tied in a mish-mash quilting of material, as if built up over time, with necessity, to answer an unknown function. The lot revolves on a dais, the shadows playing out on the white walls beyond, intertwining, hypnotic, as if thrown by firelight, shadows in the cave.’

The Herald – Art Review, Open, Royal Scottish Academy 2018

‘MAFA student Rebecca Heselton, who works in light has created a rather wonderful tiny revolving set of huts on stilts, a “Floating Village”, lights projecting the moving shadows chaotically on to the wall. Its magical and a little disturbing, perhaps, although it has a real presence in the room.’

The Herald – Art Review, ECA Degree Show 2017 

‘Another dream-like space is discovered in the work of Rebecca Heselton. Hidden away behind a black curtain high up in the ECA building we uncover a brilliant Floating Village[s] – intricately created homes, the size of dollhouses, are shackled together on a turning plinth, with light falling on them as they move. The shadows they cast circle the room slowly, in an eerie horror movie-esque fashion. The work is simply hypnotic, while also unnerving -‘

The Skinny – Art Review, ECA Degree Show 2017

‘Rebecca Heselton’s ‘Floating Villages’ alludes to a more ephemeral style of habitation, which contrasts to the scale and sophistication of the city. The work is a collection of canvas houses on spindly wooden stilts illuminated by string lights, the tallest barely reaching knee-height.’

The Student – Art Review, ESAF: Genius Loci, The Texture of Longing, 2017